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A New American Luxury Skincare Company Launches, Women & Men Flock To Sign Up For Record Growth and Bonuses.

Hello! As you know, timing is so important when it comes to business. And a new company, Bellame, hit it right and so did those that became a Founding Partner this year..

Bellame luxury skincare just launched late Spring 2018 and open up soon after for that, a founders partner opportunity to join in on what become a great ride for many, including myself.

I have to say, I haven’t had the best luck with timing. It seems like I always “miss the boat”. Do you? Well, not this time! Finally, my timing was perfect! (And there’s still time for you.) I just happened to find out about CEO Melissa Thompson starting this new skincare, Bellame and her aspirations to help women by offering a clinical grade skincare line patterned after European skincare standards. A skincare line with no harsh chemicals, but delivered results! Well, sounds good so far, right?

But, when I learned about Ms. Thompson’s corporate background in the beauty industry, her serious desire to help women get ahead, I knew I had to jump aboard. With someone as transparent as Ms. Thompson, a mom who knows the struggles of other moms, and with this new business she offered ….was an opportunity of a lifetime. A rare ground floor opportunity!

Yes, this is what Melissa Thompson did, and women ran to join her in her new worthy endeavors. People ranked quickly, and the business soared.

I seek out companies that promotes women to reach for their dreams, that encourage leadership, and have a way to earn unlimited income. Not cars, not gimmicks, real cash, real leadership, not just pipe dreams. I was tired of that fake fluff stuff from the 80’s and 90’s.

But then, when it couldn’t get any better, Ms. Thompson decided to offer her Founding Partners an unheard of Founding Director bonus if they achieved that rank before Dec. 31, 2018. She came up with a bonus that works like this: IF YOU BECOME A FOUNDING DIRECTOR BEFORE DEC. 31, 2018 and maintain that rank (or rank higher) then you will be given a portion of the company’s 25% of comissionable sales (not 1% or 3% like most companies, but an unheard of 25%!) off their website each month! Then, Bellame divides that portion among the Founding Directors as a bonus. Can you imagine what that passive income each month will be as the company grows? Well, I did imagine. I felt like I could dream again, I knew I could do this…

By the way, did you know the skincare industry is a billion dollar industry? With Bellame growing faster than the experts and Ms. Thompson expected, I’m planning on a nice retirement! I’ll enjoy that passive stream of income for many years down the road. Thank goodness for new beginnings, thank goodness for Ms. Thompson and her dreams.

If you are interested in joining me in this fast moving luxury skincare and want to take advantage of the Founding Director bonus, contact me, but don’t wait. Time is crucial here.

Message me or visit to learn how to join. But don’t delay, Dec. 13th will be here before you know it. No hype, this is real. (And baby boomers, I encourage you too, to sign up.). It’s not too late for us either.

Allison Reece

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