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I would love to talk to you about joining my Tribe!

doTERRA offers an outstanding product, great administrative backup, a terrific delivery system and the best remuneration plan in this industry.

Make no mistake, to build this business takes commitment, hard work, planning and persistence.

We can, and will, support – we will not be responsible for building your business for you. We will work with you, not for you and will we help you to succeed.

To make this “happen” you must be an advocate of the products.
Building any business requires commitment, time, dollars and emotion. All of these will be required – at every stage.

Bottom line, you will be investing a minimum of around $150 per month, every month to make this work. 

You will by acquiring doTERRA essential oil products that can be used to your own purposes and for classes/workshops etc.
You will be actively introducing the products to other people – friends, family members, workmates, neighbors – anyone who may benefit.

One of the great things about doTERRA is that the products are consumables. This means, that once people are using them – and loving them – they will run out and need more. Nirvana for MLM.
Great products will always be required by customers.

Step 1 is to introduce these great products. When your colleagues/friends experience the quality of doTERRA it is a matter of time before they too, wish to share. Why share with them? They already know, trust and respect you but more than that – surely, you’d want the best for them, right!?

Building and owning your own business also takes time and persistence – it is hard work, it is time consuming, it is sometimes frustrating, it is always rewarding and it can be very, very financially sound.

Our team spans the globe, we can support you anywhere. Travelling will be a key part of your business. Most day to day aspects are handled via technology.

Key characteristics – coachable, enthusiastic, people person, motivated, passionate, interested, service oriented, keen to make a difference, natural solution seeker to name a few.

Looking for existing entrepreneurs, health professionals, educators, students of health and wellness courses, emptynesters, stay at home moms & dads.

We can help you, we will not do it for you – we will support, assist and advise. We have the tools, online resources, class materials and years experience to make it happen with you.

If you want to change your life, you need to change what you’re doing.
Join me & doTERRA and let’s get started…..

To Become a Wellness Advocate, join here.

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